Innovation in our product lines and in our production processes is the key to our business culture

We are your solid state relay provider


Relequick is a modern Spanish brand dedicated to produce and commercialise high-quality industrial electric and electronic components, mainly electromechanical and solid state relays, connection sockets, industrial control and automation modules.


Relequick’s vision is based on technological innovation. By exploring new techniques and strategies we are constantly trying to generate wealth and employment of quality, and at the same time contribute to the design of new environmentally friendly products with the latest innovations. We are always trying to develop and improve our products and processes in a customer-oriented vision, so that we can offer our customers products of the highest quality and versatility.

This development is also complemented by international collaborations that lead to technological and commercial exchanges that increase our competitivity. As a result of this effort, Relequick® has been able to patent some exclusive designs that grant our products large competitive advantages when compared to alternative products in the market.


First, all merchandise will be considered delivered and made available to the buyer at the time of departure from our facilities, always traveling at the buyer’s risk and expense, even if they have been shipped with freight prepaid, and accepting only as valid amounts, weights and measures Registered at the time of leaving our premises.
Delivery of the goods
The delivery of the goods does not imply the transfer of ownership to the buyer, until he has made all of his payment, the buyer remaining until that moment, as his depositary and subject to all legal prescriptions in this regard. The drafts, receipts or any other form of payment, are only a means to facilitate compliance and your shipment does not change the address of the property, which is established at the registered office of SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. For all legal purposes. The buyer agrees that for each of the shipments of merchandise that are made, in the event that partial shipments are stipulated, the corresponding invoice is issued.
Replacement of the material
SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL will take care of the replacement of the material that presents some manufacturing defect. The material must be returned on behalf of the customer to the address provided at the time for this purpose SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. In its original packaging and with a copy of the purchase invoice. Claims for defects in goods that are not formulated in writing and received within fifteen days of the placing or delivery of the same to the buyer will not be honored. The customer will be charged the costs of review and the costs of collection and forwarding of the units that after being analyzed do not present failures.
Those units analyzed in which a fault is found (provided they have not been manipulated by the customer), will be answered and sent back to the client in the shortest possible time without generating any cost for the client.
SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL in no case will be responsible for any damages that may be caused by your products due to use, defect or damage. In the event that any merchandise is considered to be defective, the buyer will only have the right to have it replaced, or failing that, to cancel the entire operation if it would be of interest to SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL being charged to the client the expenses that said cancellation originates, and excluding any other type of indemnification to the buyer.
For all matters arising from the basic operation of this document, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Madrid with a waiver of their rights and domiciles. The acceptance of the goods implies the full agreement of the buyer with all these general conditions of sale and the special ones of each mercantile operation, even in the case of contrary clauses included in its own general conditions of purchase.

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