Industrial Relays


 SM socket for RM relay series: sm t series (11 downloads)

SQ socket for RQ relay series: sq t series (14 downloads)

 SF socket for RF relay series:  sf t series (10 downloads)

Solid state relays

Zero crossing AC relay: zero crossing ac (28 downloads)  

Single phase DC relay:  single phase ssr (16 downloads)

 Load analog switching/phase angle AC relay: ac load analog (29 downloads)

 Single phase power relay: download id=”664″]

DIN-rail single phase relay: din rail single phase (37 downloads)

Three-phase ssr relay:  three phase ssr relay (39 downloads)  

Three-phase motor-reversing ssr relay: motor reversing (29 downloads)  

Heatsinks and radiators

 Heat sinks for SSR´s: heat sinks (26 downloads)

Miniatura relays

Slimline RVS relay:  rvs slimline (13 downloads)

Single phase SSR power relay: pcb single phase ssr (27 downloads)

SVB socket for PCB relays: svb series (26 downloads)

RF-PT relay series:  rf pt (12 downloads)

Power relays


Slimline timer socket for PCB relays:  svt slim timer (27 downloads)

Digital timer switch (MWTI230R1): hoja_instalador_mwti230r1.pdf (45 downloads)

Monitoring relays

Current monitoring relay (MCUXXXR2):  hoja instalador mcu (29 downloads)

Measurement Relay symbol, download file.dwg

Control Relay symbol, download file.dwg

Contact Symbol and Relay coil, download file.dwg

Symbol of Electromagnets and Controls, download file.dwg