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This legal notice contains legal information on the following topics:

  1. Field of application.
  2. Holder of the rights
  3. Objective of the site.
  4. Copyright and industrial property.
  5. Access
  6. Privacy and data protection policy.
  7. Limitation of liability
  8. Modification of these terms and termination.
  9. Applicable laws.
  1. Field of application.

The following terms and conditions of use dated November 2018 regulate the use by all users of the websites HTTPS://WWW.RELEQUICK.ES and HTTPS://WWW.RELEQUICK.COM (hereinafter, the “site” and the liability arising from its use, READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF USE AND LIABILITY EXEMPTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEB SITE (this “site”). By accessing or using this site, you agree to these terms of use, conditions and all applicable laws If you do not accept these terms, you can not use this site.

  1. Holder of the rights

The owner of the site is SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L., whose registered address is CALLE PENSAMIENTO 27 ESC. IZ, PLANT 3 C.P. 28020 MADRID, SPAIN, and with C.I.F. ESB87266953. AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. is a company specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of electrical components for the automation and control of industrial processes.

  1. Objective of the site.

The purpose of this site is to inform about the activity carried out by SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. in the field of manufacturing and marketing of electromechanical components that are generally present in industrial systems.

  1. Copyright and industrial property.

The complete content included in this site, which includes, among others, product descriptions, text, images, trademarks, logos, buttons, software files, color combinations, as well as the selection, arrangement and presentation thereof, is protected by copyright as a collective work under the laws of Spanish copyright and third parties are property of SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL, In no case, access to the website implies any type of waiver, or a transfer or total release or partial rights that Spanish and international copyright laws grant the owner over the protected. Intellectual and industrial property. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, copy, use, distribute, reuse, exploit, mail, transmit, modify or release all or part of this website without the prior written permission of the owner. The user accepts and, therefore, is obliged to use the contents of the site correctly and legally. In particular, the user undertakes not to suppress, eliminate, avoid or manipulate the copyright or any other element that identifies the rights of the RELEQUICK® brand, or those of its owners. The user will also refrain from using the contents of the website, or any information obtained from or through the website, for any type of commercial use, including advertising, communications aimed at commercial purposes and unsolicited messages sent to groups of people with any purpose. The user will not sell or circulate that information in any way. WWW.RELEQUICK.ES and WWW.RELEQUICK.COM are registered domains of SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL, The domains can not be used together with any other service belonging to third parties other than SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL, unless prior permission is given in writing, especially when this use may cause confusion among our customers or lead to SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL, to loss of prestige.

  1. Access

Access and use of WWW.RELEQUICK.COM and WWW.RELEQUICK.ES both in Spain and internationally is provided by SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. and it’s free for all users. In order to access restricted sections of the website, users must register before accessing them for the first time. Users can register by contacting SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. in any of the ways mentioned in the Contacts section. SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. will contact the user and inform him / her the username and password.

  1. Privacy and data protection policy.

Any personally identifiable information collected through this website or any email that users have sent to SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L., is considered confidential and will be part of our COMMERCIAL database, property of SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. The purpose of this database is that we can provide clients with the requested information requested through the website or by email. By choosing to contact SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L., users accept the use of their information in order to send commercial information about innovations and news related to the services provided by the company. Said commercial communications will be identified with the word PUBLICITY at the beginning of the subject of any message sent by email. In case users no longer want to receive this type of information, they can notify SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. anytime. The user agrees to provide SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. only with true, real, complete, accurate and updated information. In case the person providing the information is not the one for which the registration was made, it will be assumed that the third party gave him express consent and that this allows SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. Use the information as explained above. The user will be solely responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect, that may result from the use of false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information. The owner of the database in which the personal information is stored undertakes not to disclose it or disclose it by any means. At the same time, the owner of the personal information has the right to oppose its storage by SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. and cancel it at any time, as well as access and correct it to keep it updated. These rights can be exercised by contacting SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. by any of the means provided by attaching a photocopy of a valid identification card belonging to the owner of the information. In the event that the personal information of users is disclosed or legally transferred to a third party, users will be properly notified of the identity of the recipient and the purpose for which the information is disclosed. Unless the user expresses his objection before the transfer, it will be assumed that it is accepted. SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. reserves the right to change the terms of this privacy and data protection policy as a result of changes in related laws, precedent or company policies. In the event that the terms and conditions are changed, the updated text will be published on this same site. The access of users to the website will always be in the terms published at the time of accessing the site.

  1. Limitation of liability

Responsibility regarding the content of the website.

The content of the pages of this website is for the general information of the user and with the sole purpose of informing about our products and commercial activity. The use of any information or material on this website is the sole responsibility of the user, which is why SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. will not be responsible This includes any decision that users may make based on the information contained on the website, and especially those related to the technical characteristics of the products sold by SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL, and reserves the right to change, update and eliminate them. temporarily or permanently, as well as limiting or blocking access to them. Liability with respect to links to other websites The website may provide links for informational purposes to Internet sites maintained by third parties. SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. does not operate, control or verify in any way any information, content, products or services on these third-party sites. As a result, SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. will not be responsible for any damage or offense derived from those pages or their content. The website may also provide links to free software applications of a third party owned by the owner of the rights of the linked website. The purpose of these links is solely to facilitate users access to the contents of this website, such as product catalogs. However, the links do not imply that SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. sponsor, support, be affiliated or associated with a related third party. Therefore, SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. will not be responsible for any linked content of any linked website, nor for the damages caused by the software.