MCUXXXR2 Current monitoring relay


  • Relequick’s current monitoring relay, especially designed for current monitoring on AC circuits and DC circuits.
  • Up to 14 different functions: overcurrent, undercurrent, window… programming via software mode or 1-function overcurrent with trimmers (Manual mode).
  • It provides protection of mechanical devices from jam-up or other overloading conditions that result in measurable increase in motor current.
  • It compares the set intensity value to the real intensity supported by the circuit, activating the alarms and outputs of the relevant relays in order to protect the system against over and undercurrent between 0.5 to 10 A (250 V).
  • MCUs must have a external current transformer attached if current is 10A or above for accurate monitoring.
  • Direct mounting on 35 mm rail.


Download installation guide: hoja instalador mcu Complete documentation: complete documentation mcu Technical specifications

Two time ranges0.1s – 30 s (Manual mode) 0.1s – 999h (Software mode)
LED indicatorPWR: indication of supply voltage (Green LED) ALM: current detection (Red LED)
Niquel estañado
Circuito de medición
10 AAC
Tiempo de detección de corriente
5 µs
Max. current detection
 10 A (200 A with transformer)
Min. current detection
0.5 A (20 A with transformador)
Phase detection

Input circuit

Power supply
12 – 24 VAC/VDC
110 – 230 VAC/VDC
Operating frequency (AC)

Output circuit

Contact configuration
2xSPST( relé 1 NO, relé 2 NC)
Max. switching voltage
250 VAC1 / 30 VDC1
Max. peak current6A

Current setting

The module can be used in two different ways:
Manual mode: configure the function 0 only using the trimmer.
Programming mode: with our “Devices Programmer” software* it is possible to program easily over/under/window current functions, from 0.5 to 10 A.
*Availabe for Windows XP, 7 and 8.


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