Slimline DIP 6.2 mm. Timer



      • Adjustable timer by DIP for the disconnection timing of PCB type relays (5.08 mm).
      • It can be mounted on a DIN rail and thanks to its size (6.2 mm) and its compact design it will occupy a minimum space in any control panel.
      • Function “On Pulse” (Delay to the disconnection) adjustable in a wide range of timing (from 10 seconds to 24 hours), depending on the model. Apply power to timer & 0utput contacts transfer immediately. After the preset time has elapsed, contacts reset.
      • Very easy to adjust, selecting the position of the DIPs according to the attached table.
      • Two Models SVT10D10S012V, (from 10 seconds to 75 minutes) and SVT10D24H012V, (from 1.5 hours to 24 hours).


    Download SPECIFICATIONS file: Datasheet SVT10D10S012V.pdf

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