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Where to buy a relay?

Where to buy a relay …

It is the question that many of our future customers ask themselves when they have the need to replace a relay that has failed in their installation or in the control cabinet of the machine that they need most at that moment to continue their production.

In many occasions, users’ questions arrive at our mailbox about some specific references of relays from other manufacturers, which have failed due to overheating or to reach the end of their useful life and do not find on the web any store where to buy a relay from same characteristics.

Some end customers of the “relay” product do not even know What it is a relay? (which is very understandable) and much less know where to buy a relay in their place of residence to quickly solve their problem.

This is why they immediately put into practice the most popular formula that we all currently have to find the things we need and do not know where to locate.

We search in the all-powerful Google testing between different phrases like “buy relay flasher”, “buy rele de moto”, “buy rele wiper”

If we know something more about the model we write in the search engine “buy rele thermal”, “buy rele 12v.“, “Buy rele 24v”, “buy rele 5v”, “buy rele de solido solido”, “rele arduino comprar”

With all these inquiries on our beloved Google, we are hoping to find the closest place to buy a relay at the best price and as fast as possible.

We went through all the answers from Google to our previous questions and we see that in the first results of the search engine surely find where to buy a relay.

Great, we have located relay sellers in the all powerful Amazon (By the way, you can also find our Relequick brand relays there).

What is the problem, then? We have already found the site, we know its price and we have a photograph …

But unfortunately, the relay of the photo is not exactly the same as the relay that we have damaged in our hand and that so much urgency we find and replace to make our installation work again.

We continue to make progress in the results of Google and we go through different sites with offers of relays, but when we access these sites, we do not see any specification sheet for a particular relay model, the one we are looking for …

Finally we find some manufacturer site with a brand of relays very recognized, where if we can download a “relay data sheet” but unfortunately, it is only available in English.

When we think we have located the relay that can serve us, we try to send them an email to indicate a relay that is the same or similar to the one we have seen in their “relays catalog”.

The problem is that we can only fill out an e-mail form and send a small text telling us about our need and the relay model that we have broken down.

After several hours no one contacts us, or in the best case we receive an automatic email in which they tell us that they have received our query and will soon give us an answer.

We continue with our machine stopped …

We search Google again for our famous query, but this time we press “Tools” and “Search only pages in Spanish.”

Now we find some very interesting websites of “relay shops in Spain” with contact phones and accessible email to make our query directly to “relay experts”.

We send a photo of our damaged relay or our installation to your email address, for example, and in a few minutes we have an email in our mailbox.

They will help us with the possible references of relays and prices of relays that can solve our fault.

In addition, we see that we can buy relays online in your store at an unparalleled relay price and with relay shipping and other free products.

As the material they have is stock, I do not have to wait, and in 24-48 hours I have the shipment at my door.

The moral is that the more we do not know about a product, the more important it is that we put ourselves in the hands of true professionals when buying it.

Think that they stay in time thanks to their good work and their brand prestige.

We hope this has helped you find out where to buy a relay the next time you need it …

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